“As a designer and amateur photographer myself, I am always blown away by an artist's mastery of of things like lighting, color and composition – things that can be evaluated on their own in a technical sense, and certainly areas where Karen's ability is second to none. But take a look at her portfolio, and you will see a deeper connection throughout, a quality that grabs you and connects you to the subject – whether it be an elderly woman or a pitbull – on a much more visceral level. This is because Karen possesses a true gift when it comes capturing the essence of her subjects, A gift that goes beyond professionalism and comes simply from the fact that she is a lovely person and someone that anyone who meets her feels immediately comfortable around. She makes it easy for a her subjects to open themselves up for her lens, and so they do. I have hired and recommended Karen numerous times in the past and will continue to do so in the future.”

- Michael Weimann, Designer

“Healthcare photography can be stuffy, same-old, same-old, yet Karen brought creativity, energy and talent to a very important healthcare foundation campaign we developed. Her work brought a new dimension to the campaign and gave our client a best-in-class look and feel. Recently, our client used the brochure where Karen's photographs were featured to introduce the healthcare foundation to a prospective donor. After reviewing the brochure, the prospect said, "I can see this is a world class health system." Then wrote a check for a million dollars. We know Karen contributed immeasurably to this successful effort.”

- Stephen Moegling, Creative

“What a talent and a delight! Morgan's images are absolutely beautiful. She is able to offer our client and team a range of options, solutions and ideas. She looks for new ideas to improve the creative product. Many times during a project, she will call to exchange ideas or solutions. Morgan is wonderful with her subjects. She has this ability to connect with each subject and bring out their best. She has an upbeat attitude and is a true professional. I'd love to work with her again.”

- Lisa Kunst, Producer

“Over the last several years I've had the pleasure to work with Morgan on several large scale productions acting as both her agent and producer. I am excited every time I have the opportunity to work with her. Her passion for photography, professional experience and photographic skill are attributes she brings to every single project. I find her patience and enthusiasm inspiring. She creates images that seem to reflect a genuine connection with the subject. Whether photographing a person or a creature, to me, Morgan's work features sincere expression and depth not often found in commercial photography. Her humility and kindness is exemplified in her charitable work towards the ethical treatment of animals. She is one of my most treasured business associates. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Morgan, take it. She really is the best!”

- Maria Bianco, Owner, MB Reps